Control room 1



Digidesign C/24 controller/mixer - 48 channel with 16 focusrite preamps and surround monitoring




Digital mixer – Panasonic DA-7 24bit 24 digital I/O via ADAT







Neumann U87, 2xNeumann TLM-103, vintage Neumann U48 tube

MXL 2003, AKG C2000 , AKG C1000

Lavalier condenser microphones ElectroVoice RE90H

Lavalier condenser microphones AKG C562 BL

Sennheiser MD 421, MD 441


RME HammerFall 24 digital I/O via ADAT




firewire interface - Presonus Firestudio 24-channel

mixing system with surround remote control




DIGIDESIGN 003 Rack ProTools System



vintage channelstrip NEVE 8801 with dynamics and neve EQ

vintage Siemens preamp+Neumann EQ + EMT256 compressor

Digidesign c/24 preamps x 16

Focusrite Octopre 8channel with Adat option +S/PDIF +AES/EBU +worldclock

Presonus 8-channel preamp

Behringer ADA-8000



2 ch nearfield monitors - Genelec 1031

peripheral - fostex, phonic, Tc Electronic



5.1 surround system - Genelec 8020 + GENELEC subwoofer with bass managenent control

Video monitoring - Sony full HD 37 inch monitor

Blackmagic Decklink video acelerator



Control room 2 - postproduction

Digital mixer - Yamaha 03D mixing console with ADAT option

Audio interface - Digidesign M-box Pro, Marian MarcA , m-audio 2496

monitors - Alesis720DSP

Pro Tools LE 8



Control room 3

Video postproduction control room

Sony Betacam SP recorder BVW-75

Sony Betacam SP recorder UVW series

Decklink SP capture device

Genelec 8020 audio monitors

Pro Tools LE system

Adobe production studio premium edition - All from Adobe

Control room 4

Audio postproduction

audio mixer - Digital Fostex VM-200 with Adat

sound device - M-audio 2496, Digitasign M-box

monitors - Alesis 720 DSP

Pro tools LE system

Peripheral devices:

Digital coax/optical Patchbay – Fostex dp-8
Analog  patchbay – Behringer, Neutrick
Effect Processors – TC Erectronic M2000, TC Electronic M-One XL
Alesis Midiverb
DAT Recorder – Fostex D-5
Power Amps – Phonic MAR-1, LUXMANN, EMT 256
Compressor/Limiters – Phonic PCL3200 x2
Cassete decks, Cd players – Technics,Teac
Midi Keyboard – Korg Triton, Korg M1, Farfisa, M-audio Ozone
Microphones – Neumann NS 69 Stereo, RODE NTK, AKG C2000, Shure Beta52, Beta 57A, SM81, Sennheiser MD 421, MD 441